Partisan Requiem - Score

Produktgruppe Sheet Music (internal productions)
Produktkategorier Blandakor
Sider 108
Vanskelighetsgrad 3
ForfatterOlsen, Ragnar
KomponistSommerro, Henning
Komponert år 2015
Utgivelsesdato 2017-01-03
Utgiver Cantando Musikkforlag AS
Produkt type Digital vare
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PARTIZAN REQUIEM was commissioned by Music in Finnmark, with financial assistance from the Norwegian Culture Council. The work is dedicated to Ragnar Rasmussen who had the idea of composing a piece honouring the memory of the partisans of Finnmark whose struggle against Nazism undoubtedly contributed to the liberation of their fatherland, but at great personal cost: They suffered for many years under accusations of Communist treachery. Half a century passed before the Norwegian government recognised their heroic efforts for what they were.