Community Voiceworks

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Utgivelsesdato 2016-04-21
Utgiver Oxford University Press
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Alison Burns and Gitika Partington
Community Voiceworks
The Complete Resource for Community Choirs

Book and CD

Forces or Category: Flexible scoring in 1-4 parts

43 flexible songs, from simple unison to four parts, by established writers and arrangers
Ideal for community choirs of all types and school groups of 11+ years
Vast range of repertoire, including well-known pop songs, traditional songs from around the world, contemporary songs, protest songs, and rounds
Diverse themes, including Peace and Reflection, Liberty and Freedom, and Celebrations
Warm-ups and practical tips on working with amateur singers and the natural voice
Supporting rehearsal plans for each song, from the basis of learning by ear
Copiable pages
CD containing MP3s of learning tracks (providing individual vocal parts) and backing tracks for some pieces
Recordings of full performances available to download