Agnes Ida Pettersen
Agnes Ida Pettersen's work includes acoustic contemporary classical music, electronic music, stage works, arrangements and more. Various Norwegian and international ensembles and musicians have performed her music, amongst others: International Contemporary Ensemble (US), The Roentgen Connection (NL), Norwegian Chamber Orchestra, Telemark Chamber Orchestra (NO), Arctic Sinfonietta (NO), Chordos Quartet (LI), The Norwegian Wind Ensemble.

Agnes Ida Pettersen about her music (2018):
«The recent years I’ve mainly been acoustically exploring what sounds the instruments are keeping within their traditional sounds; extended playing techniques, multiphonics, the structural use of natural harmonics and so on. I keep the classical music tradition as a close background for my work and try to find new forms of beauty, expressions, and aesthetics going into the material, without losing the connection to history. Although sometimes this link might appear far fetched. I also work with electronics in a sample-based intuitive way, and I’ve been involved in stage productions and made some videos. Working with different choreographers making original ballet music has been a pleasure, I always find it inspiring working in an interdisciplinary context.»

In addition to composing, Agnes Ida Pettersen acts as a conductor, piano accompanist, concert producer and more. She’s been engaged in working for the art music scene, through organizations like The Norwegian Composers Association (2015 - ), the New Musics Composers group (NMK) (2013-2014) and UNM (2009-2011). Agnes Ida Pettersen is as well an experienced teacher, and has been teaching various aspects of music to groups and individuals; children from the age of six, through to students at the university. Teachings are focusing on composition, music theory, harmony, counterpoint, interpretation, clarinet, flute, piano, school bands.