Three Motets

Produktkategorier Blandakor
Instrument Blanda kor
Besetninger SATB
Sider 24
Vanskelighetsgrad 4
KomponistHaraldsson, Ulfar Ingi
Komponert år 2014
Utgivelsesdato 2014-03-05
Utgiver Cantando Musikkforlag AS
Produkt type Digital vare
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These motets are composed on known latin texts that have been used by composers of the high renaissance like Lasso, Byrd and Obrecht. The texts used are ‘Tristis est anima mea’ (Sad is my soul), ‘Parce Domine’ (Have mercy, Lord), ‘Ego sum panis vivus’ (I am the bread of life). The approach I have used in these motets is in many ways inspired by older musical models with the aim of captivating a certain spirit which I believe has a special connection with our current epoch. This spirit is one factor of many why and how the great masters of the 16th cent. renaissance are still able to touch the soul of the 21st century individuals. These motets were first performed at the Skalholt Summer Concert Series in Iceland in 2006 where they played a central role in a program of music with a spiritual theme.
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