Suite Jubilaire - for Ogan

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KomponistMiller, Timothy
Komponert år 2018
Utgivelsesdato 2019-04-10
Utgiver Cantando Musikkforlag
ISMN 9790261245432
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This six movement suite was commissioned by the American composer and organist Carson Cooman and composed in July 2018.Mr Cooman suggested a basic plan for the suite and particularly stipulated
that it should be playable on a one-manual organ with a pedal compass of thirteen notes (beginning on C) as he encounters many such organs in his recital work and wanted something new to play.
Although written for an organ of this size this suite will also function well on larger instruments.
There are passages where a solo voice might be played on a second manual and a player may wish to move a pedal note up an octave.
As ideas for the suite developed I decided to head each movement with a short citation from the Book of Psalms and to extract a word from the citation to function as a title.
No attempt has been made to depict the whole psalm or even represent the tiny cited fragments too literally in the music; they simply give an indication of the mood.
I chose Miles Coverdale’s translation of the texts as theses were the ones I was used to singing psalms at Evensong as a chorister in my village church.

Timothy Miller, 2018