Symphonia Aurora Borealis - Ogan Symphony in six movements

Produktgruppe Sheet Music (internal productions)
Produktkategorier Orgel
Instrument Orgel
Besetninger Orgel
Sider 122
Vanskelighetsgrad 4
KomponistSixten, Fredrik
Komponert år 2017
Utgivelsesdato 2019-01-28
Utgiver Cantando Musikkforlag
Produkt type Digital vare
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This is the largest organ work by Fredrik Sixten, "Symphonia Aurora Borealis", in 6 movements and had its German premier at the Stiftskirche, Tübingen on December 28th 2018 with the distinguished prof. Jens Wollenschläger, organ and the brilliant soprano soloist Christine Reber.

The Symphony, when performed as a whole, would need an organ of at least three manuals and pedal.
It´s our belief that every fine organist knows how to realize a piece according to the instrument given,
and therefore I trust that the instructions presented in the score should be helpful enough
to achieve a performance true to my intentions and visions.