Piéces d'Orgue

The Organ masses

Produktgruppe Sheet Music (internal productions)
Produktkategorier Orgel
Instrument Orgel
Sider 187
Vanskelighetsgrad 3
KomponistCouperin, Francois
RedaktørBaxendale, Jon
Utgivelsesdato 2018-06-13
Utgiver Cantando Musikkforlag AS
ISMN 9790261244411
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Consistantes en Deux Meßes l’Une à l’usage ordinaire des Paroisses, pour les Festes Solemnelles, L’Autre propre pour les Convents de Religiuex, et Religieuses.

François Couperin’s two organ masses were published in the autumn of 1690 when the composer was just 22 years of age. Although largely forgotten until the early years of the 20th century, they nevertheless mark a high point in the repertoire of French baroque organ composition that draws not only on the musical styles of his predecessor at Saint-Gervais, Louis Couperin, but also upon such popular contemporary musical genres as dance music, overtures and, above all, the sophisticated and lyrical intimacy associated with both the air de cour and concerted viol music. To mark the 350th anniversary of Couperin's birth, this new critical edition examines the background to the masses’ composition, reappraises both extant and lost source material and provides notes on performance practice, ornamentation and registration to help performers develop successful and stylistic interpretations. For the first time in an edition of French baroque organ music, the masses are provided appropriate chant settings to allow for their performance within a liturgical setting.

Edition by Jon Baxendale
Preface in English – Français
Cover photo: Ken Schwarz