Matthäus (Matthias) Greiter
Greitter, Matthäus, was a monk and chorister of Strassburg Cathedral, but in 1524 espoused the cause of the Reformation. In 1528 he was appointed assistant pastor of St. Martin's Church, and afterwards at St. Stephen's. When the Interim [Agricola] was forced on Strassburg, he was the only one of the Lutheran pastors that sought to further it, a course which he afterwards deeply regretted. His death is dated by Wetzel, i. 349, as Dec. 20, 1550; by the Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie, ix. 636, as Nov. 20, 1550; while Koch, ii. 104, says he died of the pestilence in 1552.

Greitter was a distinguished musician, and with his friend Dachstein (q.v.) edited the Strassburg Kirchen ampt, 1524-5. Four psalm tunes by Greitter, and one by Dachstein were inserted by Calvin in his first Hymnbook published at Strassburg, 1539. All these were transferred to the first edition of the French-Genevan Psalter in 1542, and two of them, both by Greitter (the tunes to psalms 36 and 91), were retained in the final edition of 1562. Of his seven Psalm versions 4 have been translated into English :—