Wolfgang Dachstein
Short Name: Wolfgang Dachstein
Full Name: Dachstein, Wolfgang, ca. 1487-1553
Birth Year: 1487
Death Year: 1553
Dachstein, Wolfgang, was, prior to the Reformation, a monk at Strassburg, and organist of the Cathedral. In 1524 he espoused the cause of the Reformation, and in 1525 was appointed organist and assistant preacher at St. Thomas's Church, which offices he held till at least 1530 (Koch, ii. 103-104).
Along with his friend M. Greitter (q.v.) he edited the first Strassburg Hymnbook, the Kirchen ampt, published in 1525. Two of his Psalm versions have been translated into English, but he is best known as author of the melody which is set to the first of these.
i. An Wasserflüssen Babylon. [Ps. cxxxvii.] 1st pub. 1525, pt. iii, as above, and thence in Wackernage, iii. p. 98, in 5 st. of 10 1. The translations, almost identical, are : (1) “ At the ryvers of Babilon," by Bp. Coverdale, 1539 (Remains, 1846, p. 571). (2) "At the Rivers of Babylon," in the Gude and Godly Ballates (ed. 1568, folio 58, ed. 1868, p. 99).
ii. O Herr, wer würt sein Wohnung han. [Ps. xv.] 1st published 1525 as above, and thence in Wackernagel, iii. p. 98, in 3 st. of 7 1. Translated as " O Lord, quha sail in hevin dwell with the," in the Gude and Godly Ballates, (ed. 1568, folio 46, ed. 1868, p. 78).
[Rev. James Mearns, M.A.]

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)