Ragnar Rasmussen
Ragnar Rasmussen is Full Professor in choir conducting at the MusicConservatory, University of Tromso, Norway. He is currentlythe conductor and artistic director of The University Choir Mimas(Tromso), Stavanger Symfoniorkesters Kammerkor (Stavanger,Norway) and international “Utopia & Reality Summer Academy” foryoung talented choral singers.

In 1999-2011 he was also the conductor/artistic director of chamber choirVokal Nord (Tromso). In 2008/10 he was also engaged as conductor ofthe Norwegian National Youth Choir. In 2010 he was the conductor ofWorld Youth Choir.

During the academic year 2007/08 Mr. Rasmussen was guest professorat the Academy of Music, University of Slovenia.

He studied church music (Trondheim Music Conservatory, Norway),choir conducting with Eric Ericson and Stefan Sköld (Sweden) andorchestra conducting with Colin Metters, (Head of conducting at theRoyal Academy of Music, London) and Jorma Panula (Professor Em. atRoyal College of Music, Stockholm and Sibelius Academy Helsinki).

As conductor of the choirs Saga, Mimas and Vokal Nord he has wonnumerous first prizes, including several conductor prizes, in choralcompetitions in Norway and abroad.